EWPHP mirror: Problems

WARNING: this solution is INcomplete/UNdocumented; please see the home page for more mature methods!

In this example, a regular Drupal view lists all nodes with fields mirrored from the database of Problems at the Single Editing Platform (SEP) of EWPHP.

The data is cached here, but updates are retrieved every hour.

TODO in progress:
  1. Remote login for this functionality does not work at the moment; we're listing just a few nodes that have been made publicly accessible temporarily on SEP.
  2. Remote nodes are not scanned automatically as they are updated on SEP.
  3. There are just a few fields showing right now but all can be added (user's choice).
  4. Search using Views will probably not work anytime soon, but there is a simple solution: use Search API (which is desirable for search speed and flexibility anyway).
Title Nature Last changed
Alien abduction 1601844522
Arson <p>Arson is the intentional burning of property, namely the dwelling house or business premises of another. The most usual motives for... more 1601844522
Capitalism <p>Capitalism is an economic and social system, the main attributes of which are:</p><ol><li>dominance of commodity-money... more 1646705820


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